11.11.11 and handerpants

Posted on 11th November 2011
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Good morning Peeps

There are two things on our minds today (apart from that long-awaited cup of tea and the baklava that are, amazingly, still sitting in the kitchen) …

It’s 11/11/11 and for once it’s been silent at Monster HQ. We are all in awe at the amazing courage and dedication our forces display and our thoughts are with the families of those that have given their lives so we can live ours in freedom and safety

We had a request recently from some guys serving in Afghanistan for some slippers and we were delighted to send them. We are truly humbled by what these people do for us.

On a lighter note (and nothing to do with forces or feet), we found this as we were working hard (as you do) and wanted to share it.

We actually have a lady here who is so tiny that we reckon they’d fit her as real pants (not that she has five legs … now that would be weird).

And finally (yes, we know that’s three things, but we always like to give more than you expect) here’s our very own Guy the Gorilla dressed up as ET. We reckon he’s cute.

Ooh! One more thing … we just heard that Stephen Fry is holding a reverse spellathon. Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt … we couldn’t compete with him on a forwards spellathon. We often have to look up things he says as we don’t even know what they mean, let alone how to spell them. Good luck to anyone that rises to that challenge.

That's all for today folks. Time for tea and baklava … yum, yumetty yum!

With love and hugs to you all and extra HUGE ones for our forces and their families.

See you next week.

All at monster HQ xx


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