About Us

A long long time ago the world was a slipperless wilderness, where feet were bare and cold...

The small (two people) but perfectly formed Monster Team sat rubbing their toes in a bid to warm them.
The garage above their home was icy and uninsulated and they just knew there must be a better solution to thaw their digits than the ones they’d already tried:
1.       Running on the spot. Result? Blisters and splinters from the uncarpetted floor.
2.       Eating more. Result? Buddha Belly … and cold feet that they couldn’t reach round their bellies to rub.
3.       Two pairs of socks each … they only owned one pair apiece. Result? It got nasty and the socks got ripped to shreds.
4.       Heating a couple of bricks on the hastily made fire. Result? The wall they’d removed the bricks from collapsed and the floor burnt through making it even more perishing.
5.       Too many more hair-brained ideas to mention. Result? Not much of the house or garage left and definitely too few garments to share … and, of course, frozen everything!
That’s when they got lucky: having found a natty piece of fur in what was left of the bathroom (it was actually a mat of mould, but let’s not go there) they fashioned two pairs of slippers in the shape of monster claws - assuming monsters and yetis never felt the cold.
Result? Cosy toes and no more fights.
In their excitement, they ran outside (not that there was much of the house left anyway) and danced under the moonlight.
And that’s when the magic began.
Buoyed up by their discovery and the stardust that was falling around them they ran through the fields and forest in search of more materials: monster-fur made from mycelia and fabrics fashioned from twigs strong enough to make soles, all lined with knitted pine tree needles.
That’s when Monster Slippers was born.
They found an old cabin where they stored the materials and collected a database of potential customers and suppliers.
Whilst one was sourcing more plentiful materials the other was sketching new designs in monster and animal themes on the walls of the cabin.
It’s amazing how warmth can reach parts that cold could never reach: they came up with what were probaly the best designs in the world … the ideas came thick and fast and soon the pair had moved into new premises in Great Dunmow.
The place flooded in the first week (that bit IS true) due to a build up of leaves and mould on the roof (which, of course, they used to fashion more designs).
Since that time, that seems so many years ago, the team has grown beyond all belief and travelled the planet in search of new ideas. They walked as far as their slippers would take them (crossing the Great Wall of China on the way) and had Boldly Gone where no team had gone before.
Fast forward …
Today …
The roof has been fixed. The team has grown beyond recognition and the fabrics are sourced from more sustainable places.
New designs are coming thick and fast and there’s a warehouse, accounts department, customer services team and everything!
We love our slippers and we love making slippers for you … our customer! We’re deadly serious about style, quality and good value and hope that you can jog along with us and join our growing family of Monster admirers.
The world has changed a lot since the fledgling days of Monster Slippers and you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We also have a blog and regular contact with you about new products and special offers.
And … we feel we’ve had so much fun along the way that it’s time to put something back. So we now support the following charities:
Born Free Foundation with Terence Tiger, Animal Print Flip Flops and Animal Print Boot Slippers.
We hope that you enjoy our site and all it has to offer and we welcome comments and  suggestions as to how to improve (if that’s possible, of course) our slippers and our service. That’s the way we know exactly what you … our customer … wants.
Come on and join our family!



Dan - Head Honcho/He-who-must-be-obeyed/ Mickey-taker-in-chief

Keeps the business running and the staff on their toes. Comes up with great new ideas and challenges for the team. Has a new-found obsession with exercise and a determination to ignore the smell of bacon butties from the van next door.

joe - website manager

Has a healthy dose of OCD, making him pretty good at back office stuff for the websites. Is awesome at customer service (so we are told by the customers themselves). Loves fashion.

DJ - Office Manager


Wears large, noisy jewellery. Has a large, noisy personality and makes the rest of us do large, noisy laughs. Has an unhealthy obsession with keeping things organised. Dunks biscuits in Davina’s tea when she’s not looking.

Karlie - Accountant

Keeps everyone on the straight and narrow financially. Has a penchant for reports and spreadsheets. Loves fashion. Has had 6 different hair colours in the past year and has nice feet for doing photos of barefoot sandals.

davina - designer and writer

Creates new product designs and a bundle of blog ideas. Keeps the team topped up with cakes and pies. Also donates eggs from “The Girls” back home (Audrey, Doris, Marilyn and Sophia).

bill - Warehouse Operative

Makes a lovely cup of tea. Loves his hats, if he had enough he would wear one different every day, Is better at stock control than the expensive, computerised stock control system. 
All of us at the Monster Slippers team love our customers and we love to hear from you. No, really we do!
Please do email us with any comments, questions or feedback; we will make sure one of our team gets back to you as soon as possible!
Company Information:
Registered Office:
Trinity House
3 Bullance Lane
Overmead Limited T/A Monsterslippers
Company Number: 3658193
VAT Number: 808323050