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Posted on 28th November 2011
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First and foremost, what an amazing lot you are!

You might have noticed we’ve been banging on for ages about our giant slipper.

In case you’ve been on planet Zog or maybe didn’t know about us until this week (sad face), the slipper was up for auction for BBC Children in Need.

There were plenty of bids, which just goes to show that the world is mainly full of lovely people. And, the winning bid was from one of our existing customers. We love, love love all our customers (as you know, because we look after you and give you good stuff). However, this particular person, I’m sure you’ll agree, must be our customer of the month (if not year). He knew he had to pay for delivery too and he lives in Borneo! What an absolute star! We haven't even mentioned that he paid a whopping £1500 for the slipper ... all going to CiN.

We love you!

As does Pudsey.

Talking about people we love. Did you see JR Martinez on Dancing with the Stars? He really is a true star: when he walks into a room the place lights up. He’s an incredible motivational speaker too.

Now you know that one of the charities we support with our very own Mr Cuddles is Changing Faces? Well, we feel we’ve learnt a little of what it means to be disfugured. Of course, we couldn’t possibly imagine, but we have absorbed loads of information and guidance from the Changing Faces team and you can get more info from their website. It’s helped raise our awareness of the many and complex issues surrounding disfigurement, so to see JR being such an incredible person makes us feel quite humble and happy inside.

And he makes us want to dance.

Before we get too serious, we'd better tell you our Christmas slippers are flying off the shelves. So, if you want to get some fab gifts for the amazing people in you life (see what we did there?) you'd better get in quick. For each pair of our charity slippers you buy, we donate a large percentage to our chosen charities. You can see the full details for each style here. That should make for a lovely Christmas for everyone ... you buy fab gifts, your friends and family receive said fab gifts and our wonderful charities get paid too. It's like giving two presents for the price of one. What's not to like?

On that happy note, it's time for a nice cuppa before Mr Postie comes to collect our third lot of packages today.

See you next week.

With love and big hugs from all at Monster HQ. xx


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