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Posted on 17th February 2012
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Most families we speak to have a pair of “back door shoes” that are usually an ancient (and often smelly) pair from the largest person in the house. Shared between everyone for taking the rubbish out, watering the plants or popping next door, they are normally anything but stylish.

We’re no exception. In our case it’s a tatty old pair of boat shoes in size 10. They’re so huge I’ve nearly gone nose over toes a number of times on my way down to the chickens.

We did a quick search on back door shoes and found some incredibly skanky excuses for footwear. They’re also known as back door boots, shed shoes, garden shoes and garden clogs, so it took longer than a cup of tea to Google our way round them all.

Here, for your delectation is a tiny selection – a pretty dire bunch, which I hope makes one or two of you feel a bit bad about yourselves.

These look like they'd fill your room with the smell of strong cheese.

A typical teenager's pair?

Don't even think of coming in with those on.

Oh, get off the pot! No one would garden in those.

And if you think you can come in my house wearing those ... I can't see what good they'd do, as the first time you wear them they too will be caked in the brown stuff.


Now, go to the back door straight away and if those lumps of smelly leather, canvas or whatever are anywhere near as bad as these put them in your fire bin this minute.

Feel better? Now all you have to do is to click here for a pair of strong, hoseable slip-ons that will make your life much less smelly.

They’re basically cut off wellies: they’re made of strong rubber and are fully waterproof (unless you love jumping in deep puddles).

Now, we know you could get a pair of cut off Hunters, but that'll set you back a huge load more. These are just £6.99, so for that price you could buy a pair each.

It's nearly weekend and we're off to use our back door shoes. See you next week, when we'll be talking about weird shoes ... seriously weird shoes!

Bye for now. With love and hugs from the Monster team. xx

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