Famous feet competition

Posted on 1st September 2011
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This one’s not famous … we just like the smileys.

Come to think of it … is it actually possible to draw smileys on the undersides of your toes? If you send in a photo of anyone managing to do that we will publish them on the site and sit here all week with our mouths turned upwards into the shape of a smile.

As it’s generally well known that we are all a bit in love with our slippers, we thought it was an utterly logical and sensible idea to blog right here about other people’s feet (as you do). Maybe one day these same people might even find their feet in our slippers.

Whilst there’s nothing remotely interesting about any of our feet at Monster HQ, we have to consider the wider audience here … some people actually like gossiping about celebs and “oh yes!” some even like ogling other people’s feet.

Why? We’re not sure, but here’s a little competition for you. We’ll post the answers next week.

As we love you so much, we WILL do some competitions that are actually worth entering, with prizes and everything.

However, this one is being written while He-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed is out and so it’s purely for you to waste time, skive, stimulate your brain a bit over lunchtime.

Only in America …

Radio Girlie we all have a crush on …

What’s the damamge then?

We bet this girl can dance all night long …

Och aye the nooo, nooo, nooo! Take them home now Hen.

Proof that money can buy schools but not sexy feet.

Ditto, stilletoe! Just wear flats once in a while. And our slippers are perfect for the fashionista too! Hmmm, maybe she’d like some of our namesake penguin slippers (see what we did there?)

They’re how big? You’d need a large chain of hotels to fit these in.

Well, He-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed will be back soon and this blog and a thousand other things (including a cup of tea) must be on his desk or no free animal print boots for us.

See you next week. xx

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