Feet and Faces

Posted on 21st October 2011
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Friday, Friday, Friday ... we can't decide whether to fiddle about, drink tea or eat more chocolate. Maybe all three? That's what you call multi-tasking.

Seriously, we're a talented lot here at Monster HQ: we can do all that and write a blog.

Last time we promised you the answers to our super-duper, amazing and ever-so-cheap-with-no-prizes foot competition. So here they are.

The feet belonged to (or should that be "belong to", as technically they probably still own them) ...

1. Statue of Liberty

2. The very lovely and delicious Fearne Cotton

3. Achilles

4. Nicole Richie

5. Susan Boyle

6. Oprah Winfrey

7. Victoria Beckham

8. Paris Hilton

How many did you get? We got them ALL RIGHT! OK, so we chose them in the first place, but that's hardly the point is it?

We also promised you that we'd post a couple more of our slippers made to look like famous people.

Today you get Gene Simmons and Amy Winehouse for your delectation:


Oh. My. Absolute. God! He-who-must-be-obeyed has just made us a cup of tea! We need to sit down and sip it slowly ... savour every bit and put a note on the calendar.

On that bombshell, we're off to hit the biscuit tin.

See you next week. xx

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