Fulfilment and logistics

Our fulfilment and logistics, from management of shipments, small and large, through to warehousing pick pack and final delivery to our customers are handled by the Focus Group ( www.f2uk.com  )

Since 2008 they have supplied us with a complete fulfilment package that includes customer service, help with PR and even social media. This far exceeds anything else we know exists: we’re sure of this as we regularly check out the competition and we can’t find anyone with the passion, dedication and that special personal touch that they have.

Over the years We’ve learnt from each other and keep an eye on new developments in both our industries to ensure that we're getting the very best from each other.

As a result, our turnover has pretty much doubled each year since 2008 and continues to do so.

If you have a web business that needs properly managing from a fulfilment perspective and beyond, you'll always have a friendly, helpful and informative partner in Focus.  We can’t recommend them enough