Having Fun for Help for Heroes

Posted on 3rd July 2013
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Hello Peeps! We’re in BIG trouble. Seems we’ve been a tad too busy to blog (yeah, yeah, I hear you say). The thing is, we have loads of interesting things to tell, but we’ve been emailing them to our supporters and not here. Expect a flurry of posts over the coming months.

What have we been up to? One thing that’s really exciting us is National Slipper Day. February 7th 2014. We have a huge bundle of incredible people involved and will keep you posted as soon as the website is complete.

Anyway, we’d been thinking of setting up a National Slipper Day in support of Help for Heroes for over a year. However, the idea sat on the shelf, as we pondered whether it was indelicate to use slippers to fundraise for a charity who count numerous amputees amongst their number.

That all changed in January 2013 when Leonie and Andy Grant (www.andygrantmotivation.com ) contacted us about a summer ball they were organising in aid of Help for Heroes.  Could we donate anything for H4H Summer Ball? You bet we could. 

So a BIG box full of slippers and a giant claw bean bag winged their way up to Liverpool in time for the event on Armed Forces Day (29th June 2013). 



As you can see, everyone had a brilliant time and (along with other donated items and photos) raised a Monster £14,626 for the charity.

The Hilton Liverpool reported the highest bar bill they'd ever experienced at a party. Is it any wonder with over 50 military personnel in the room? As we said, a good time was had by all.

Catch up in a few days.

With love and hugs from the Monster Team. xxxx

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