Hi I'm Mo Monkey

Posted on 20th August 2014
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Mo Monkey

Name: Mo.

Weight: Catch me and find out.

Distinguishing features: Cheeky, cheeky cheeky. That’s my job. I can hold my body weight with my tail. I can text and paint with my hands and feet. Beat that!

Catchphrase: Oooh! Let me get that flea.

Likes: Stuffing as much in my mouth as possible to save for later. Playing, getting into mischief and sleeping. Oh … and eating.

Dislikes: Flying squirrels. Dude, there you are, minding your own business and a squirrel lands on your head. Scares the wits out of me every time.

Favourite film: Despicable Me … Banana.

Favourite music: Anything by the Monkees. Natch. Especially this. We know all the words and steps. And the Minions’ Banana Song.

Favourite Book: Love Monkey by Edward Monkton.

Food: Fruit gums. Yum. Mashed banana with spiders on toast. Slllllluuuurrrrp and a nice cup of PG tea.

Describe yourself in three words: Cute cheeky chappy.

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