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Posted on 20th December 2012
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This week we received a really lovely email from one of our happy customers. Her name is Janet and she LOVES our Monster Claws.

She sent us pictures and her Clawy Story so that we'd all know. By the way, did I tell you ... SHE LOVES MONSTER CLAWS!

Here's Janet in her Santa Claws outfit.

And here's her letter ... crucially, we've been real scrooges and omitted the suggestions she gave, as we could well be planning some and wouldn't like to spoil the surprise.

"I hope my email finds you all well and full of festive monster joy. My email is of no particular purpose except to express my adoration for my monster claws which I am lovingly in possession of. Apologies if this should take up much of your valuable pre-christmas monster claw packaging time..

Before you freak out and wonder how on earth I stumbled across your email address, I am not a certified stalker - I believe you received an expressed interest in your super large monster claw bean bags last week (a pleading email from my boyfriend regarding 2 with possible storage), and on replying to him you supplied an email address to which I could send you fan mail. (I would like to just point out that it was my scanning of the monster claw internet space for new products, which led me to spy the bean bags, promptly communicating my utter excitement and demands for them to my also monster claw loving boyfriend.)

My eyes first became aware of monster claws it has to be said on entering my boyfriend's hovel, where he has carefully nurtured a pair given to him many years ago by his super cool monster claw buying mum. This led me to search the internet high and low for a girly version, in order that I too might have warm feet minus the guilt (of when I stole his...). It was a tricky business and for a while I had no joy - I even took his claws back to mine to give them a good old bath as they had begun to pong rather, in order that I might sneak some extra wear out of them...  Eventually I found a pair on eBay and snapped them up with the last £8 in my bank account - I'm a student nurse so pennies are tight. I waited in patiently until their arrival, (ok I was neck high in some yawning sociology related assignment..), flung myself down the stairs at the sound of the postman and ripped open the packaging eagerly. However, I was super disappointed by the claws that were in my possession (I obviously pretended not to be), but I felt rather like one of the ugly sisters in cinderella squeezing their big fat foot into a glass slipper, they were so teeny! Argh!!! I persevered with wearing them however they were showing clear signs of strain. Then at the end of July, an absentminded driver of a monster 4x4 turfed me off my beloved bike, snapping both my wrists in the process. With two broken wrists my claws were almost impossible to put on, and the signs of strain became very apparent. The seams ripped and on a visit to my mother I had to beg her to sew them back together - she queried whether they were too small.. that was the last straw...

Once my arms were free and using a laptop became a viable option, back on the internet claw researching I went. This time instead of typing "grey fluffy monster claw slippers" into ebay, I just wrote monster slippers. To my glee I was presented with the marvellous Monster Slippers. My caring boyfriend had expressed a wish to have a pair of claws for my abode, and so I thought after he had tirelessly looked after me whilst my arms were out of action, that perhaps he deserved a pair too - my scouring began and soon I had made my choices - a large set of monster claws for him and a medium roary clawy for me!! Once again I waited for the postman eagerly, ripped open the packaging with glee and let out a squeal of excitement. The claws I was presented with were glossy, silky and fitted my feet like a glove, and best of all ROOOOAAR'ed!!! My boyfriend returned from a week away with work to a large parcel and a girlfriend who resembled a jumping bean, (with excitement about the claws it has to be said), and also began resembling a jumping bean on realising the contents.

And the rest is history - the claws have become an integral part of my life bringing not only me much joy and fun but others who stumble across me in them. My boyfriend loved his monster slippers so much that he ordered a pair of roary clawy's for his office (think he was jealous of my roar..) - which I yoinked to wear as footwear at their office warming party! My weeks are long what with work (yawn) and student nursing, but each time I return home and sink my feet into my claws my day just gets a little bit better. My claws follow me on nights away and if I didn't work for a terribly boring official organisation I'd clearly parade around in them all day there too.. In fact, on hosting a dinner party we had to scrabble around and get all the claws together so that everyone could wear claws (their request!).

The fact that these claws bring me so much happiness has made me ponder on what other claw-m'abilia there might be scope for...


I can honestly say that your monster claws bring me so much happiness, and despite being a slightly different path to nursing, a monster claw related career I would imagine would make me a very happy being indeed - so if you ever have some space in your lovely little team for a true lover of claws then don't forget me - I'm only in Tooting which is not a million miles away from your claw-base. Or if you ever need someone to prance around in monster claws then be sure to let me know.. (see photo's attached of monster claw influenced fun times..including..wait for it.. Santacon 2012 in Santa-Claws!!!!!)

Sending you much monster claw love and christmas joy,

Janet - the avid monster claw enthusiast!"

Don't you think Janet merits the title "Monster Slippers' Best Customer"?

Or ... do you know different?

Let us know.

Have a Monster Christmas and a furry happy new year.

Love and hugs from the Monster Team. xx

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