It's Toby Turtle Dude

Posted on 19th August 2014
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Toby Turtle

Name: Toby

Weight: Small as a sprat when I'm surfing.

Me and my cousins surfing the snow last Christmas.

Distinguishing features: All of me, Dude. I’m just uni-queue.

Catchphrase: Woah! That’s deep.

Likes: Surfing and swimming.

Dislikes: Getting water up my nose. Especially salt water. It stings Dude.

Favourite film: I say Nee, you say Mo! My Hero.

Favourite music: Beach Boys … sends good vibrations down my spine.

Favourite Book: I don’t read books. They get soggy on the beach. I do like the site MagicSeaweed though. Awesome!

Food: I like weed. You know, seaweed and other plants. Don’t eat your mates, that’s what I say. And as for milk? Blaaaaarh! Makes me ill. I’m not sure why people drink it.

Describe yourself in three words:Cool surf dude.

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