Meet Silva Seal

Posted on 20th August 2014
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Silva Seal

Name: Silva

Weight: With or without blubber?

Distinguishing features: Glossy silver coat

Catchphrase: Talk to the flipper

Likes: Fish, fish, fish, fish and fish. Oh! And I nearly forgot … fish. I’m also pash about snow surfing. Can’t get enough of that buzz.

Dislikes: Chips. Especially when they’re on someone’s shoulder.

Favourite film: Anything by these guys. We learnt everything we know about video and animation from this website. Just note the quality of our videos. If they’d ever heard of us, they’d be proud.

Favourite music: Sealed with a kiss …


Favourite Book: Snow surfing by Silva Seal. What? Nothing wrong with plugging my own book.

Food: FISH!

Describe yourself in three words: Supa silva surfer.

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