Meet The Original and Best Monster Claw

Posted on 14th May 2014
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I’m the original Monster slipper, much scarier than all of the others. Be very careful when ordering me, as you may find all of the other slippers, in the house a little frightened of me. 

You may have seen my great big cousin 'giant monster claw' which sold recently on eBay. This raised £1500.00 for BBC's Children in Need. I'm a little more affordable, but just as scary. 








Name: SIR!

Weight: That's my business. 
Distinguishing features: Fat, furry and frightening 
Catchphrase: Ggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr! 
Likes: Scaring the other slippers. 
Dislikes: Anyone thinking I’m not scary. 

Favourite film: The Fly. It’s not a Monster movie per se, but Boy! It’s scary … in a human and worrying way. Im also enjoy watching films of my cousins from overseas, I think you humans call them Bigfoot! 

Favourite music: Monster Mash. Natch. Great fun on a dark night. 

Favourite Book: The Monster Book of monsters (Harry Potter). It attacks anyone that tries to open it. Stroke it’s spine and it’ll open itself. Well done that book! I want people to be so scared of me that they stroke me too. 

Food: Monster Munch. 

Describe yourself in three words: Fat, furry, frightening. Man I am one scary slipper.

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