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Posted on 14th April 2014
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Dan - Head honcho, mickey-taker-in-chief ... He who must be obeyed

Keeps the business running and the staff on their toes. Comes up with great new ideas and challenges for the team. Has a new-found obsession with exercise and a determination to ignore the smell of bacon butties from the van next door.

Davina - designer and writer

Creates fab new product designs and a bundle of stupid blog ideas. Keeps the team topped up with cakes and pies. Also donates eggs from “The Girls” back home (Audrey, Doris, Marilyn and Sophia).

dj - office manager

Wears large, noisy jewellery. Has a large, noisy personality and makes the rest of us do large, noisy laughs. Has an unhealthy obsession with keeping things organised. Dunks biscuits in Davina’s tea when she’s not looking.

Karlie - accountant

Keeps everyone on the straight and narrow financially. Has a penchant for reports and spreadsheets. Loves fashion. Has had 6 different hair colours in the past year and has nice feet for doing photos of barefoot sandals.

Joe - website manager

Makes a nice cup of tea. Has a healthy dose of OCD, making him pretty good at back office stuff for the websites. Is awesome at customer service (so we are told by the customers themselves). Loves fashion, but wears a dodgy grey jumper that looks like an old J Cloth. Apparently, this is high-end fashion.

Scott - warehouse and logistics

Makes a nice cup of tea. Amazingly fast learner on the forklift. Chelsea fanatic to the point that he’ll only use his own Chelsea pens. Most often heard saying, “Mine’s a ‘Bacon in French’ please.”

Bill - warehouse operative

Makes a lovely cup of tea. Loves his hats, if he had enough he would wear one different every day, Is better at stock control than the expensive, computerised stock control system. 

All of us at the Monster Slippers team love our customers and we love to hear from you. No, really we do!

Please do email us with any comments, questions or feedback; we will make sure one of our team gets back to you as soon as possible!


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