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Posted on 14th October 2011
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Good morning Monster peeps in the blogosphere.

We've been mega busy getting new stock delivered and sorted and we have some amazing and truly lovely new styles. Go to to see.

These fluffy things are the main reason there's been no blog for a few weeks. Sorry!

In this shipment we also had a super special slipper for our even-more-super-special-customer, Tom Boddingham. He has odd feet. Not odd as in horrid. We're sure they're perfectly lovely thank you very much. They are, however, quite different sizes and way bigger than any slipper company stocks. So, being the generous and kind people we are, we agreed to make an odd and very large slipper for him.

We asked our factory to make one size 14.5 monster claw. His other foot fits our extra large. They messed up and didn't notice the decimal point, so here we are with and blinking great slipper that's equivalent to a size 1,450! That's a stonking XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL. Yes! We did actually sit down with our fingers and toes and work that out.

It's 210cm long x 130cm and 65cm. That's almost as big as a Smart car (we looked that up, as we wouldn't actually want to own a Smart car ... we'd rather own a giant slipper with wheels to be honest).

Why did the factory make a slipper so big? You might well ask. So did we. We sent them this picture of Tom, looking quite happy even though he still only has one slipper that fits.


Our lovely Mr Xie said he figured it was a sample for a shop window display, so he thought nothing of it being so gigantic.

Tom says he wants to flog it on eBay, but first we have got in touch with the Guinness Book of Records. We're waiting for them to check it out. If it's a winner, then we'll keep it. And our mouths will be permanently turned upwards in the shape of a smile.  And you needn't worry about poor, cold-footed Tom: We're looking after him.

Just had a thought: Do you reckon that "evidence" the Ruskies have of a Snow Monster or Yeti was actually Mr Xie on his way here with our slipper?

Next week, we're going to post some more of our slippers made up as famous faces.

Check out Amy Winehouse and Gene Simmons from Kiss. Here. In this space. Next week.

Also, answers to our "whose feet?" competition that didn't give any prizes.

See you next week.

Love and hugs from all at Monster HQ. xx


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