National Slipper Day- Ideas

Posted on 24th January 2014
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Okay, so you're probably thinking- Hey! I love this Slipper Day idea and i want to help out but don't know how... yeah fear not my fellow Monster Fans i have whipped up a list and will share some of our ideas with you. 

So we have Scrunches in slippers 

You and your friends go to the Gym? Why not wear your slippers going to the gym or maybe ask your trainer or dance teacher to host a slipper training session or maybe a salsa or samba dance  class in your slippers. Though be VERY careful! 

Sexy in slippers 

Love Fashion? why not organise a slipper fashion show, could be in your house, in a hall, in the garden, and just showcase your best slippers and strut it down the Cat walk 

Slippers in School 

Are you a student? teacher? fancy a bit of fun whilst raising money for Help for Heroes? why not go to school in slippers, or maybe whip them out and wear them during lunch time or maybe in one class or lecture. 

Scones in slippers

Love baking cakes and hosting? why not host a coffee morning in slippers and invite your guests to wear slippers? bake and sell some cakes. This could be done at work? at home? in a cake shop. Be cosy, have fun and help raise funds for our heroes 

Slipper Songs? 

Are you the next big star ? and have YouTube videos? why not upload your videos of you recording your songs in slippers or maybe find a spot in the town center or anywhere sing outside and wear your slippers whilst your gracing the nation with your angelic voice 

Sassy in slippers? 

love a good laugh and girly chit chat why not host a 'slippers sleepover' party, dress in your pj's and slippers, have lots of food and drink and play games whilst raising funds. 

Challenge in Slippers? 

Love a good challenge? why not do a sponsored bike ride in slippers? or fast walking in slippers? or a sponsored silence and you have to wear slippers for the duration of your sponsored silence 

The world is your oyster, anything you can think of and would LOVE to do- do it in your slippers. 

Hope these ideas will help and start you off! 

Do check our Facebook page: Monster Slippers and our twitter page @monsterslipper where you will have plenty of updates on National Slipper Day 

Oh and one more thing- send us your snaps- we want to see what everyone will be getting up to, and what fundraising event they will do!! 



Monster Team 



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