Our Favourites

As we hope you know by now, we're all a little koko at Monster Slippers & we obviously have too much time on our hands (or feet). We love our slippers so much, we have even thought of famous people they look like. Check them out!

If you have any customisations of your own just email us the pics (we'd love that).

It's the Queen as DippyDooDah the Cat


It's Einstein and Gene Simmonds as Michaela the Cow


Mr T as Dudley the Dog


ET as Guy the Gorilla


Audrey Hepburn as Beatrice the Bunny


Amy Winehouse as Scarlett the Sheep


Spock as Wilbur the Wolf

Please note; the above customisations are 'serving suggestions' as it where, our slippers do not come with guitars or glasses etc. unfortunately!