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Posted on 23rd August 2011
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Hello all Monster Mates. Here’s our first blog from the blogosphere.


If you’re expecting serious comment and sensible viewpoints this might well be the wrong place for you. However, if you just want a bit of fun or something to do when you’re bored/should be actually doing real work/need a giggle, then stay with us.


We’ll be checking out incredible facts like whether penguins have knees or whether the Alphabet Song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star have the same tune. Fascinating, huh?


Mainly though, our blogs will have something to do with feet, slippers and other footwear. Unless we feel like talking about some other inane topic, which (if our office banter is anything to go by) will happen.


This week we're looking at Shoe Vehicles.







Here are just a few and now we’ll make you wait for further installments.
Before we sign off, we’ve made a list for you so you know what’s important.

List for Readers

1.    You will come to this blog frequently … this you must do.

2.    You can subscribe to the RSS feed thingy … (Thats the orange icon).

3.    You can leave nice comments … this again you must do.

4.    You can tell everyone that monsterslippers.co.uk is super awesome … again this must be done all the time.


That’s all for now.


List for MonsterSlippers


In return for your attention and love, we too will make promises.


1.    We will write regular, awesome blog posts … this must truly happen.

2.    Davina will continue to make our slippers up as famous characters and will post these for your amusement.

3.    In between coming up with new slipper designs the team will think up amazing ideas to keep you from being bored.

4.    That’s all from us … the next installment will be within a week … that will be an actual happening fact.


Here’s one of our slipper characters being someone (quite) famous.



More to follow (and they are quite good even though we say so ourselves).

See you next week. 

And don't forget to let us know what you think and what you want!

The Monster Team xx


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