Pink monster claw

Posted on 3rd November 2014
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Pink Monster Claw

Well, Mr Monster might think he’s scary, but he doesn’t frighten me. He might be big and he may be loud, but we all know who wears the trousers slippers in this house … just call me Mrs M.

Monster calls me Pink. I reckon you’ll agree he’s a big fluffy softie at heart.

Name: Pink.

Weight: Fat and proud.

Distinguishing features: Fat, fluffy and fabulous.

Catchphrase: Mwah!

Likes: Taming Mr Monster … and Monster hugs.

Dislikes: Skinny food.

Favourite film: Fat kid rules the world, because it’s all about embracing your inner loveliness and being you.

Favourite music: Anything by Pink Floyd, especially “Any colour you like” (as long as it’s pink).

Favourite Book: Monster Hug! by David Ezra Stein.

Food: I used to think Cookie Monster was a type of biscuit, but I still think he’s cute. Staying with the cookie theme, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pink peanut butter kiss cookies.

Describe yourself in three words: The Hug Monster.

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