what to do if you receive faulty slippers or the wrong item

  • Sorry about that. We don't take lightly to our product developing any faults at all and don't expect for you to receive any less quality than the best. If you've received the wrong item, we'll have the picker / packer responsible taken outside and stoned (with rotton vegetables, not stones).
  • Don't panic - we are not a complete bunch of Monsters and if the item / one of the items ordered from us has a fault, we will do all we can to ensure you receive a suitable replacement.
  • Pack your slippers up, with a copy of your order details and advice of the faults / error for our reference.
  • Return them to the following address:

Monster Slippers
IMD Limited
11C Stephenson Road
Clacton on Sea
CO15 4XA

  • Wait for us to give you an email when we receive them back here at the Monster Slippers HQ, where we will confirm the fault and either refund your order in full or ensure a replacement pair is sent out to you that same day, according to your wishes.
  • We appreciate your patience and understanding.