Roary Claw monster slippers

Posted on 3rd November 2014
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Roary Claw

I’m Monster Claw’s twin bro. Identical in every way … except … I ROAR! 

Giant monster claw is also MY big cousin, so I’m mighty proud that he sold for £1500.00 for Children in Need. I don’t cost that much, but my personality is just as huge.

Name: Roary.

Weight: Massive.

Distinguishing features: BIG AND LOUD.


Likes: Scaring my twin bro. Makes me roar with laughter every time. 

Dislikes: The others trying to imitate me: they sound like mice with sore throats.

Favourite film: Jaws. ‘Cause it’s LOUD.

Favourite music: Monster Mash … like my bro, but played at top volume.

Favourite Book: The Loud Book by Deborah Underwood.

Food: Monster Energy drink to soothe my sore roary throat. 

Describe yourself in three words:  Hairy and scary.

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