Sinbad Squirrel

Posted on 20th August 2014
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Sinbad Squirrel

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Silva Seal. She’s cute, cute, cute. BUT … when it comes to squirrels you’ve just gotta love a redhead. Ask Prince Charles and Alan Titchmarsh.

Name: Sinbad

Weight: Light as a hazelnut

Distinguishing features: Titian tail and ear fur :o)

Catchphrase: I’m red hot!

Likes: Tightrope walking on the overhead power cables (and NOT getting electrocuted). Clever eh? Prince Harry … my best mate … so much in common.

Dislikes: Finding the peanut butter jar nearly empty.

Favourite film: Thelma and Louise … what’s not to love about a couple of redheads showing their real personalities?

Favourite music: Red red wine (UB40) and anything by Simply Red.

Favourite Story: I don’t really have a favourite book, as I’m usually too busy searching for nuts. I love this story, which features on the RSST site and it’s all about my cousin.

Food: Anything nutty … see story above (same goes for people … I just love a nut).

Describe yourself in three words: Cute copper chap.

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