Smell by Date Slippers

Posted on 1st April 2012
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Moring everybody! Hey, look what we've done ...

Biotechnology and Monster Slippers help People with Smelly Feet


It is well known that some people are not aware of their own odour. This can be a particular problem when it comes to feet, which are the most distant part of the body from the nose.

Scientists, led by Professor Edward May, have developed a “cybernose” fabric that is based on nantechnology used in the food and wine industry. The fabric contains cadmium-based micro-electrodes which are coated with cloned proteins. Professor May said, “ Our tests show that the fabrics are highly sensitive to the difference between what we percieve as pleasant and unwanted odours”.

They have been used by NASA in wound coverings for many years. Now advanced techniques have made the processes cheaper, they are being applied to more everyday objects.

Since large sports shoe companies have used the fabrics, London based Monster Slippers has incorporated it into two of their slipper designs.

Company Director, Dan Jennings said, “Our slippers now contain this material that detects when they need washing, even if the wearer doesn’t notice the problem. We call this the Smell By Date,” he said.

“What’s more, as the proteins are thermophilic they will not be damaged by a 30 degree wash, so they continue to work.”

The first example below shows the seal slipper, which is cream. Once the sensor identifies the odour level has reached a set limit, it sets of a biochemical reaction that turns the fur grey within ten minutes.


    Liz Ward (also known as the Foot Doctor) has said she welcomes the advances, as “anything that can help people feel more socially accepted can only be good.

On that amazingly sensible note, we're off for another few days. Oh, it's great being clever and stuff.

Love and hugs from us all at Monster HQ. xx



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