Snow good, we just can't help moosing about!

Posted on 9th February 2012
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Hello Monster Peeps!

It’s been a little while since we caught up as  some of us have had our summer holiday in January (big smug smiley face).

And what did we return to? Minus 5 degrees and snow up to the top of our slippers.

You know what it’s like when you come back from a break and you just can’t get into work again? That’s what’s happening here. Now, Monster Slipper HQ is generally a place of fun and laughter … when visitors drop by, they don’t believe we’re actually working (oh, but we are). You’ve gotta have fun to be creative and that’s all I have to say on that!

This week, however … some of us (moi) have been getting a tad carried away.

First Toby (our very own surfer Dude) went sledging in the car park and kept in a straighter line than I could in my car. I’m not saying that dent in the Guvnor’s 4x4 is anything to do with me, you understand.

Then there was a whole load of moosing about when Mr Head Honcho was out. The mooses (meese?) popped to his office for a little warm up, as  the warehouse was perishing. Cue big round of applause and plentiful waterbottles for the wondrous peeps who work downstairs.

Two of us went to River Cottage (the HQ of Huge Furry Sticky Balls and his team) last weekend. We had an amazing Saturday evening meal and laughed so much I had a sore throat the next morning. I (aka the lucky one) had a cookery course on Monday too and then we read that the barn had burnt down the following day!

Not that I’m jinxed or anything, but people are saying that they will never invite me over again: what with RC burning down just after we left, last year we were taking off from a trip to China when the Tsunami struck neighbouring Japan. Some are suggesting there might be a third “incident” if I’m around.

And finally, in keeping with the cooking theme, we just have to share this pic with you.

Made our faces crinkle up into the shape of a laugh.

Karlie has just made tea, so it’s time to tuck into the yummy honey and almond cake I made at RC.

See you next week.

Love and hugs from all at Monster HQ  xx

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