Ten things you didn't know about the Monster team

Posted on 8th March 2012
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We said we'd show you more weird shoes this week, but we've decided to let you wait until next time.

The reason for this? We're getting to know you better through Facebook and Twitter (and of course, the funny and fab emails you send us) and we thought you ought to know a little more about us.

So, you can find a summary of what we do here, but we've added some more below.


1. Our testing team ranges in age from 2 to 82 years. They don’t all come to the office each day, of course. They do regularly test out our slippers and flip flops to see how bad they can be treated before they get totally unwearable. They also like our chocolate cakes.

2. Even though Dan has never dunked biscuits, he doesn’t like finding bits of dunked biscuit in the bottom of his cup. He knows this because DJ used to dunk her biscuits in his tea when he wasn’t looking.

3. Although DJ had a dunking habit (which she swears she has cured but we know better), Win is the real Biscuit Monster … and Chocolate Monster … and Sweet Monster. How does she stay so slim? Oh yeah, she never sits still.

4. We have reached the finals of an international competition for rebranding our business. That’s because we love our work and we come up with some brilliant ideas (even though we say so ourselves). It’s also all about how we deal with our customers and Joe is the King of Contentment when it comes to customers. We don’t know how he does it, but nothing is too much trouble. Thanks Joe.

5. Davina writes stuff that can have you in stitches, but she can’t tell a joke without …

      a. saying the punchline in the wrong place

      b. digressing so much she forgets the point of the joke causing you to lose the will to live

      c. laughing so much (because she – and only she - knows it’s funny) that her tea comes out of her nose and then …

      a. she says the punchline in the wrong place.

Please, please NEVER ask Davina to tell you a joke.

6. We all have our own offices and a meeting room, but can often be found huddled together round one desk when brainstorming as we get better ideas that way. And we’re a friendly, huggy bunch. When people drop by they seriously don’t believe we’re working, there’s so much giggling.

7. ​As a child, Karlie could play the recorder with her nose and do eight cartwheels in a row (not at the same time as playing the recorder). She swears her cartwheel days are long gone, but we’re not so sure. We’ve seen the evidence in the office when she’s been the only one in.

8. Davina loves science and medicine. Her interest started quite young: After reading a book of blood disorders at the age of eight, she and a friend painted themselves yellow in art class to pretend they had jaundice and get sent home early. Needless to say it didn’t work and she’s still awaiting royalties from Matt Groening.

9. John has an unnatural ability to retain useless information. If you want someone in your pub quiz team then he’s your man.

10. We get through huge quantities of tea and (in case you hadn't noticed from previous blogs) we love our cakes and pies. 

That’s all for now folks, as Joe has just made tea! (Apple and blackberry pie will have to wait until this afternoon).

Just thought of an 11th fact ... we always like to give more than we promise. Our official job titles are: Dan - Head Honcho; Davina - CFO (Chief Fun Officer); DJ - GOOF (General Officer of Fun) and Joe - King of Contentment. 

See you next week or on FB and Twitter.

Love and hugs from the Monster team xx


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