Those that don’t doodle, don’tle …

Posted on 4th November 2011
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Good morning Peeps

As you read on, you’ll realise that the title bears no resemblance to the content this week, but we do like random words and phrases. So, don't doodle and don't don'tle ... DO get involved with what's going on here ...

This week is charity week. OK, at Monster HQ every week is charity week.

As you probably know, we’ve had a bit of flack about our giant slipper, with some posts online suggesting we digitally enlarged a normal Monster Claw. To prove the humungous thing exists in more than just our minds, we’ve been out and about with it on our car (well, the boss’ car actually, as mine is too small and has a dirty great scratch down the side). There’s the added thing of the slipper hanging over the front windscreen, a bit like Justin Bieber’s old haircut.

So, now everyone knows it’s a true and actual happening thing in the real world and not just in our computers, we’re giving it to Children in Need to auction.

What we’d really like is for loads of very rich (and maybe famous) people to bid ginormous amounts for what might prove to be the biggest slipper in the world. We’re still waiting for the Guinness Book of World Records to finish checking it out, but it’s looking good.

We got to wondering what Pudsey would make of our Monster Claws, so we gave him a digital pair. Here he is …

And talking of totally real and not at all enhanced pictures, here’s our very own Dudley Dog posing as Mr T.

Since we’ve been on the charity subject, here are some of our other slippers that give every day to really amazing charities. Click on them to read all about it …






Now we’re feeling a bit warm and fuzzy from being such incredibly generous people we’re off for a well-deserved chat.

Love and hugs.

See you next week.

All at Monster HQ xx



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