Top Ten Monster Films

Posted on 18th July 2013
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We have a MONSTER thanks to Felix Hockey of Have I Got Films For You for this blog. Here at Monster Slippers, we love monster movies. Sacry ones, funny ones, as long as they have monsters in them we’re happy.  Here are some of our favourites:

  1. The Pale Man (Pan’s Labyrinth)

There is no way to make this one humorous.He is just too scary. With eyes in his hands and a hunger for little children, this is one monster you definitely do not want under your bed…

  1. Xenomorph (Alien)

The cuckoo of monsters, the Xenomorph is born out of a different creature that happened to get to close to an egg. The Xenomorph is the number 1 fan of hide and seek and is still the best even if it has no eyes.

  1. Godzilla (Godzilla)

We’ve all got that one friend who just doesn’t know when to stop. The giant lizard Godzilla likes to party around Tokyo city but he doesn’t know his on strength, usually leading to night of chaos and destruction.

  1. King Kong (King Kong)

You all know the story; small town ape living in a lonely world decides to go to the big apple in order to become a big star. But when he gets there he is exploited for the lowest pay possible. However, not all is lost as the big monkey finally finds love

  1. Dragons (Various)

Sometimes these are good guys (How To Train Your Dragon, Eragon) and sometimes they’re the bad (The Hobbit, Dungeons & Dragons) but the most famous made up creatures are always a wonder to behold. Scaled with wings, these are dangerous without even mentioning their fire breathing powers.

  1. The Balrog (The Lord Of The Rings)

The Balrog has lived peacefully in a dwarven mine for a very long time. And so when a loud band of adventurers enter his domain and start causing a ruckus, he gets understandably annoyed and decides to teach them a lesson.

  1. Frankenstein’s Monster (Frankenstein)

A Pinocchio gone wrong, this sad being was not even given a name when Dr Frankenstein created him. He just wants to be normal but nobody wants to accept him. Scared and alone, this creature just needs a friend.

  1. Aragog (Harry Potter)

From all the creatures in the Harry Potter world, Aragog is the creepiest. He is a giant hairy spider that lives in the forest that will allow his children to feed on human flesh if they can. However he is also an innocent spider convicted of a crime he hasn’t done, in hiding out of fear of the law.

  1. The Kraken (Clash Of The Titans)

This Giant fish is a captive of the Greek gods. He is only let out once in an eternity in order to feed on a princess that he has been promised.

Unfortunately Perseus – a demigod – has other ideas for him.

  1. Mike & Sully (Monsters Inc)

Mike and Sully work in a scaring factory. They scare children in order to create electricity for their town. When they meet a little girl however, everything changes and they decide that maybe scaring the wits out of small children isn’t that nice after all.

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