Whacky Christmas Trees and a Touch of Kindness

Posted on 21st December 2011
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It’s pretty exciting at Monster HQ right now. We’ve been working hard to get all orders out the same day and have had some amazing feedback. We love to hear from you and it makes everything we do seem more worthwhile.
The BIG day and time off with our families and friends is approaching rapidly and we’re getting as excited as a bunch of kids on E numbers.
In the name of research we’ve been checking out unusual Christmas trees online (as you do in work time). We found a bundle that we’d like to share with you. Some, we’re not sure of the original source, but where possible the creators have been credited.
The girls’ fave was the solid gold tree (yeah, you didn’t mis-read – GOLD). Then we spotted one decorated in diamonds and it got us all confused. Whichever way, if we had one of these we feel our lives would be complete. Not that we’re a shallow bunch or anything, we just feel it’s embedded in female DNA to be mesmerised by sparkley stuff. And fluffy stuff. Like our slippers. Natch.
We love the ones made of recycled bits like bottles and tins and wish we’d thought of it first. As everyone knows by checking out our slippers, we are not followers: we like to try new designs and new ideas and definitely get there first.
On the subject of Christmas trees, however, we are absolutely and unashamedly going to nick some ideas. So next year our tree will be made of slippers (not sure how, but we have a while to work it out). We definitely like the idea of a fluffy tree, but it will still have to have some sparkley bits, whatever the male Monster members think (they want to keep it “pure”. Pah!)
Any ideas, feel free to let us know.

GOLD tree. Yum! I want one.
A shrine to Grolsch  www.unboundedition.com. The boys want to do the prelim work on this project.

OK. We're not loving this tree because we want one, but we do love, love love "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and anything else by Dr Seuss. Just makes us smile and want to recite "Green Eggs and Ham".
This monster is made from 7 tiers of regular trees (350 in total). Yilong Media Company allocated 70 staff to construct a steel frame then stack the trees. Only in China.
Saving the best (sparkley bits) to last ... this was made by Singapore jeweller, Soo Kee, using 21,798 diamonds which totalled a whopping 913 carats. If that's not enough he added 3,762 crystals. We don't care what it's worth (millions allegedly) we're all sparkled up.
And finally … at Monster HQ we’re lucky to have an amazing team that works well together whilst still having many daily doses of giggles with a bit of mick taking thrown in. Head Honcho reckons it’s purely down to his management skills, so we’ll give him one on that. You do have to have a good kind-hearted and funny bunch to start with though. And on that note (we’re getting good at this segue business) here’s a link to a YouTube vid showing how kindness really does make the world go round.
Just find a few minutes to watch this. It’ll fill you with good, kind, festive thoughts and even make your mouth turn upwards in the shape of a smile.
The Main Man has said we can skip off at midday on Friday, hence the posting today.
So on that note, it’s time for a cuppa and a well-deserved piece of Christmas cake.
Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and may you have plenty of reasons to laugh in 2012.
With love and festive hugs.
The Monster Slippers Team xx
PS Joe (our customer services ace) is dressed as an elf today, but he won’t let us post his pic here. Spoilsport! ;op
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