Winnie Figg the Guinea Pig

Posted on 3rd November 2014
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Winnie Figg the Guinea Pig

Name: Winnie Figg.

Weight: Small.

Distinguishing features: A little ball of stuff in rapid, random motion. Knocks things flying without even noticing.
‘Scuse me? I call it popcorning. Check out my cousin Toasty here.

Catchphrase: I didn’t break that!

Likes: Veg, veg, veg, veg. veg. Oh, and did I mention I love veg? And … ratatouille straight from the pan. I also LOVE popcorning and squealing at the top of my voice.

Dislikes: People thinking I’m a pig! One more time … I’m a rodent. Everyone loves rodents, don’t they?

Favourite film: Contrary to what you might think, I can’t stand the Guinea Pig series … I’d rather watch my fourth cousin, Ratatouille.

Favourite music: The Guinea Pig song by Joe Pasquale.

Favourite Book: I Completely Know About Guinea Pigs by Lauren Child.

Food: Rataouille and veggie burgers, please. With a side-serving of fries. And Ketchup (listen, it’s made with tomatoes, so I reckon it’s as good as a smoothie).

Describe yourself in three words: Random motion machine.

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