Word of the Week ... Axalotl

Posted on 27th October 2011
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Good afternoon Peeps!

Busy, busy week!

Our giant slipper has been out and about in London. Our team has been giving out free-Monster-Claw-bies, discount vouchers and all sort of lovely things.

We don’t have another (non) competition this week, but we do have one more of our slippers made up to resemble a famous face.

Our gorgeous Beatrice Bunny posing as the even more delectable Audrey Hepburn. It’s one of our faves (along with The Queen – see blog below or follow this link to Flickr or this one to our Facebook page).

And talking of our cat posing as The Queen, this weeks random phrase at Monster HQ is “To err is human, to purr is cat.” What? We said it was random!

Our random word of the week is Axalotl.

Here’s a picture for those of you that don’t know what an Axalotl is. Our very own Mr Cuddles has made himself look like one using a pair of gloves belonging to our designer. Well we think he's cute!

Now, some might say we don’t have enough to do, but this is a crucial part of our creative process. It usually involves doodles, idle banter and chocolate.

Talking of which, tummies are rumbling and it’s lunchtime.

See you next week.

Love and big hugs

The Monster Team. xxx



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